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We're Rhiannon & Damien

Welcome! We're excited to have you here.

Damien and Rhiannon are the co-directors of The Communication Academy, a subdivision of Excel Leadership Pty Ltd. 


As two certified Master NLP Practitioners, we help fellow business owners across Australia sell and self-optimise through effective communication. 

We do this while raising our two young children and having the freedom to travel, work hard on things we love and create amazing work/life balance.


We don't want to wait to "retirement age" to live. We believe if you dream it, you can do it (thank you Walt Disney) and why shouldn't YOU have the exact life you want? 

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Three Tiers of Communication

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Communicate with Self
Your self-talk determines your current results.

Sick of not reaching your potential?
Let us guide you through changing your self-talk to get you on the path to building momentum to achieve your goals, thriving in your business and living a happy, prosperous life.

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Communicate with Others
Do you often feel like you're talking to a brick wall? You just can't seem to get your point across or in the right way?

As a business owner, particularly when you're managing staff, these conversations cost you time, money and stress. With a few simple techniques, you can enhance your ability to communicate effectively, clearly and with focus. Saving you time, money and stress.

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Communicate with Influence
Sales. The ultimate form of communication.

The art and science of selling requires pro-action, reaction and strategy. It requires structure, process and "going with the flow" making it the ultimate form of communication.

Learn to sell authentically by customising your sales process with accountability and support for sustainable, successful selling.

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This is a free group for ambitious and established business owners looking to communicate confidently to maximise your time, boost profitability and creating your dream work-life balance.
Receive support, tips, tricks and strategies  for FREE



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Sarah Paterson
Educe Today

Damien has inspired and motivated me to get my act together and to Be! In my head I have reworked (at the risk of overworking) my business model and my pitch – yet the action needed to make it all come together to market more widely, to be certain of my path and assured of my purpose came from listening to and speaking with Damien, from his energy and his authenticity.  I can’t wait to join the program this week. Cheers Damien!

Damien ELsing.jpg

Damien Elsing
CLCK Digital

Yesterday our agency closed a $50k/year deal with a new client who came through our FB ads last week. Officially our biggest client, and an extra 20% in revenue in one hit! Thanks to the awesome help of Rhiannon & Damien I have been changing my sales approach to be more helpful and authentic, less "salesy" and also less confusing/overwhelming for the prospect in terms of information overload. It's now a lot more about letting the prospect talk themselves into it, showing them what we've got, and holding their hand through it, not trying to drag them along...The prospects now seem far more engaged and excited, less confused, and I don't feel pushy or inauthentic. This also seems to have shortened our sales cycle a lot as these guys signed on in under a week, and we have another high-end prospect very likely to close this week too, who came through our funnel at the same time! Just want to say thanks to you guys for your awesome work, and keep doing what you're doing.

Kate Musonda.jpg

Kate Musando
Operational Performance, Nestle Australia

Her impact has been life changing!

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