How to Create Emotion to Achieve Exceptional Results

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

You can, if you want to, create any kind of emotion you like, right now. People don’t often think about being able to create an emotion. Most people think emotions are a product of external circumstance. But I’m here to show you, that you are the architect of everything you feel.

Your mind is a powerful machine. In fact, it’s the most incredible machine you will ever own. Your mind is the creator of all emotion. You can create anger, you can create energy, you can create excitement, or you can just feel sadness, if that’s the emotion you’re looking for.

The thing is, all emotion is necessary for a happy and healthy life. Even the negative emotions. You see, so many people think that they should be happy all time, that having negative emotions is a bad thing, that the aim of the game is to always be in a positive state, but that’s very wrong.

Negative emotions can be useful, they can spur us up, they can help us grieve and they can help us show empathy for others. Negative emotion is what makes positive emotion, so positive. We need the contrast of emotion in our lives to help us understand what life is all about. If we entered this world, only feeling happiness, we would never really know what “happy” was. What makes us feel happy, is sadness. What makes us feel exhilarated, is boredom. The contrast is what makes our lives exciting.

Emotions are created in our mind. Emotions are the product of our thoughts. The thoughts we choose to think are what create the emotions we feel. Our thoughts either create negative emotions or positive emotions and remember, neither set of emotion is a bad thing. It’s a skill we should develop. To accept every emotion we feel. When you can accept the emotion you are feeling, by sitting in it and not fighting it, or questioning it, or running away from it, you become more in control and can come from a confident place to create the emotion you want, moving forward.

First, to be the master of your emotions, you need to be aware of your emotions, without reaction. It’s easy enough for us to just go through our daily lives, acting and reacting to the world around us, but it’s in the moments before we react, that we feel emotion, in which we need to be aware. To practice this, you need to think before you react. When you start to feel an emotion come up, stop and have a look at the thoughts you are thinking, that created that emotion. The more you practice your thought awareness, the more you’ll learn about what thoughts create what emotions.

When you’ve learned the art of emotional awareness and understand how they’re created and what thoughts sculpt those emotions, you’ll then be primed to create any emotion you want, at any given time.

To start creating resourceful emotions, we need to remember the Mindset Model, in which I use in my coaching on a daily basis. The Mindset Model says, we create our thoughts based on our current circumstance. Our thoughts create our emotions, our emotions create our actions and our actions create the results we get in life. So, in order for us to create the emotions we need to succeed in life, we need to reverse engineer the Mindset Model.

Let us start with results. What result is it that you want to create? For example, let’s say you want to make an extra $5,000 in your business this month. If an extra $5,000 is your desired result, then we need to take a step back on the Mindset Model from results, and ask, what actions do you need to take to make that amount of money. Maybe you need to make some marketing videos, maybe put your ad spend up to get more leads coming in, you might have to do extra sales calls, or even create a once off sales offer and email your offer out to you entire list.

When we stop and ask ourselves, how do I get “x” result, we can usually figure it out pretty quickly. If you really don’t know how to create the results in life you want, we either research the actions, ask a mentor or someone who already has those results and we model the actions from there.

It's pretty simple right, to get new results, we take new action or more action. If I do this, this is the result I’ll get. Everything else is just a feeling and you’re either going to create a feeling that drives you to take the action of increasing your marketing and making more sales calls, or, you’re going to create a feeling that doesn’t drive that action.

It’s all up to you from this point. You’re in control of your emotional energy, that will drive these actions. So, what do you need to feel in order to take the action of increasing your marketing and call limit? Confidence? Certainty? Excitement? Power? Motivation? Whatever emotions that you need to take the actions necessary is up to you. Choose what works best for you.

Now even though we know what emotions are going to help us drive the action, that doesn’t mean that the old, deeply ingrained negative emotions are not going to come with you, because they will. This is another chance to be aware of them. They can come for the ride but just acknowledge that they are there and that they’re not going to hurt you.

To make more sales calls, you want to create excitement and certainty. As we take another step back on the Mindset Model we know that thoughts create emotions. This brings up the next question, what do you need to believe in order to create excitement and certainty? Think of all the thoughts and beliefs that you can think of, and make sure they are true to you. They must be believable. I love my business, I’m great at what I do, my clients get huge amounts of value from my product, my product changes people lives, I believe in myself, I know there is a need for what I have to offer, when I achieve my desired result I’ll be so proud, I have heaps of testimonials from clients, my business is growing every day, I have a great life and grateful for what I can create, I have a big vision and all my actions are going to help make the vision come true.

Create a huge list of your own powerful thoughts and read them and embody them, to create the feeling of confidence and certainty. You will feel much more able and aligned to take the action you need and be able to use your excitement and certainty to propel you to take them.

This method seems so simple, and it is. It just requires thought practice. Practice to ingrain those positive thoughts into your mind. To truly believe them and live by them. Most adults have had decades of unconscious, negative thought practice and the feelings of fear, self-doubt, and anxiety, are second nature to most. The brain does not have a preference over what it thinks, but it will revert back to what it’s really good at already thinking.

If you’re already really good at thinking negative thoughts, these new powerful, positive thoughts might even feel awkward. The brain will be a little confused and say to you “that’s weird to think, I don’t know if I believe that, I don’t know if I can think that because I haven’t practice that before”. To be a great emotion creator, you must consciously and consistently choose thoughts that will generate powerful emotions.

The more you think in a powerful way and apply those thoughts and seek evidence to support those thoughts, the stronger they will get and the more your brain will adapt and respond with positive emotion. With continual practice, what once was an awkward, positive thought that you had to generate, will turn you into someone who is full of self-assurance, certainty, and confidence.

This is the difference between the greats of the world and the mediocre. Successful people believe in themselves and practice positive thoughts. They use these thoughts, to generate the powerful emotions they need to take the forward action necessary, to obtain the results they want in life. The average person waits for inspiration. They wait for the brain to suddenly just be inspired. They’re waiting for their brain, which is already programmed for self-doubt, from years of practice, to one day just turn the inspiration switch on. The thing is, inspiration is created by our thinking. It is something you need to choose to create on purpose.

The saying goes, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer”. That’s because rich people have rich thoughts and poor people have poor thoughts. What you consistently choose to think will decide upon the emotions you live by and guide the action you take.

Your brain is your most powerful machine. The most incredible tool you have for success and the creator of all you want to achieve in life. If you’re not willing to spend a little time looking at it and realising what it can create for you, using it to generate power and positivity, using it to think on purpose, then you can’t possibly expect to create the life you want. It’s up to you to create the feelings that will get you to where you want to go in life.

You are always in control of how you feel. The more you practice powerful thoughts and generating the emotions that you want to feel, the better you will get at that skill and you’ll be able to pick your emotions like picking food off a menu.

Just decide. Decide right now, and every day, how you want to feel. Figure out what your go-to thoughts are that create those emotions and feel it. This skill is a gift. A practice that is so powerful and life changing. Creating emotion allows you to be exactly who you want to be and shows you that you don’t need something, in order to feel something. You don’t need more money to feel a certain way. You don’t need a soul mate to feel a certain way. You don’t have to look a certain way to feel how you want to feel. You can generate that feeling for yourself, and what’s great about that, is that the things you actually want to have in life, you’ll be much more likely to go out and get when you’re feeling the emotions that you more desire.

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