Super Thoughts and the story of Battle Dome

Most people are living on default. We are brought up as children in a system with so many rules and regulations. We’re put through a schooling structure that teaches us to read something, remember it, and the regurgitate it through a series of tests and exams. Even when we unenthusiastically complete our education, we’re expected to get a job and learn and perfect more systems and processes from employers, so we can work effectively and efficiently. We’re told to follow the rules, not make mistakes and get the job down as quickly and precisely as possible.

After years of being told how to perform and what to think, our brain starts running on auto pilot and the journey towards our goals and dreams seem to plateau, unless we create new ways of thinking.

Your thoughts create your results. When you continue to think the same way and have the same train of thought every day, you are going to get the same exact results every day. The answer to breaking free from the daily monotony of one-track thinking, is super thoughts.

Before I explain to you how to create super thoughts, I want to tell you about Battle Dome.

Battle Dome was a 4-player pinball game my brother and I used to play as kids. The battle dome arena is set up and 4 people, usually my brother and I and two other friends, lay on the floor on our stomachs, in front of our own corner of the dome. When we were all ready, with our hands on our paddle triggers, we’d turn the ball dropping device on. The balls would drop from the centre of the dome, one by one and roll in random directions, while each of us would defend out bucket. The dome was filled with bells and spinners and hurdles, each of them making a different sound when hit. The balls would drop down faster and faster. All four of us would be furiously bashing away at the paddles and hoping that none of the balls would fall though. It was the most crazy and chaotic game ever! The sounds of the arena were loud, us kids were boisterous, balls were flying everywhere and when the game finished, we would be puffing and panting and exhausted.

I love using Battle Dome as a metaphor for your mind. If you turn your brain on in the morning and you’re not in control of your mind and your thoughts, if you’re not keeping your mind organised and clean, then thought, after thought, after thought, will just drop into your brain and be pinballed around alongside every other thought. Your mind becomes flooded with both conscious and unconscious thoughts. It becomes loud and stressful and confusing. Your mind becomes so full that you just get completely overwhelmed. You get to the end of the day and all you want to do is switch off, because you know tomorrow will just be another day full of the same old thing.

People who live this way, will never be able to create super thoughts.

So, what are super thoughts?

Super thoughts are creative, conscious thoughts. They’re thoughts that you have created on your own, that light you up. They’re thoughts that excite you, that make you say, “Oh heck yeah!” Super thoughts are the thoughts you have when all your negativity and doubts are asleep. Super thoughts are your superpower. They make you feel powerful. They make you believe you are unstoppable. They motivate you; they transform your body language and they take you to a whole new level of self-belief and self-worth. They allow you to build new neural pathways, that light the way forward towards better results.

There is some setup involved with creating super thoughts, as super thoughts can only be crafted when your mind is organised, clear and fresh. I wrote an article on how to do this call ‘Thought Practice’, which you can find HERE, but I’ll quickly go over it again.

The first step is to rid your brain of all the unresourceful thoughts that have been plaguing your mind. Basically, writing down, with paper and pen, all the limiting beliefs and thoughts you’ve been telling yourself. Maybe thoughts like, “I can’t do it”, or “I’m not good enough”. Maybe thoughts such as “I don’t know how to” and “my life is boring” and “things aren’t working the way I want them to.” Everyone has negative thoughts and self-talk, so write as many down as possible, use as many pages as possible, and get those old, unwanted thoughts out of your head.

The second step, once your mind is cleaned up, is to decide consciously, what empowering thoughts you want to keep and create. This is where we get to think and believe what ever we want to and practice these new thoughts, because as we know, your thoughts create your emotions, your emotions create your actions and your action create your results.

This practice of cleaning an organising your mind should be a daily habit. The force of which these unrelenting, limiting beliefs and thoughts have, on holding you back from reaching your goals, is immense.

Once we’ve eliminated the limiting beliefs we’ve been holding onto and then kept and created the thoughts that will empower us, we can start creating super thoughts.

First, you need to give yourself some time and space for yourself to think. When you have no distractions, you give yourself the mental clarity to think on purpose, by accessing your own creativity. All humans are creative, some have just forgotten how to use that part of their brain, as it’s been neglected for so long.

Grab a pen and paper and in your comfortable environment, with your mind organised and clear, start asking yourself really powerful questions for the problems you’re having, to find new ideas or solutions. It’s amazing what thoughts the brain can produce when it’s not be bombarded with other peoples’ thoughts, opinions and beliefs.

Start with a simple question and allow your brain to find the answer. If you give it time, it will find an answer, or it might even answer the question with a question. But this is all part of the experience. Super thoughts are created by letting your brain unravel and explore.

Maybe ask yourself, what do I need to believe to get better results in life? Just this one question can trigger an avalanche of answers, so make sure you write everything down.

Some other questions you might want to ask yourself could be, how does life look when I’ve solved this problem? What would my future self, advise me to do next? What emotions do I need to feel to get my best work done? What value can I create for the world? When am I at my best self? If I never doubted myself, what would I aim to achieve next?

These are just example of questions you could ask yourself and you’ll be amazed at what your brain will tell you. So start asking yourself questions that you would love for your brain to find answers to, because there’s something really special about our brains and that’s the fact that they don’t like unanswered questions, and therefore, will eventually find an answer for you, if you give it the time to do so.

Allow this experience. Allow your brain to create. Allow yourself to question everything and when you land on one of these super thoughts, you’ll know about it. A super thought will feel like a surge of energy. You’ll smile and be surprised why it took you so long to realise it. It’ll feel exciting. You’ll feel proud of yourself for creating it and you’ll want to take action on it.

It's these super thoughts, that you take action on, that generate remarkable results.

By practising these techniques, organising your mind, and allowing your brain to answer questions, you start to gain an understanding of the power of your mind. You begin to realise the power of your own creativity. The solutions to the results that you want in life do not come from other people giving you all the answers. The greatest success that you will ever have will come from the ideas and the super thoughts you create yourself.

We need to use our minds to create. To come up with new ways of thinking about the world and about success. We need to innovate and share our super thoughts, to give even more value to the world, to give more value to our friends, family and more importantly to ourselves.

Start taking the time to create your own super thoughts. Write down everything. Explore what your powerful brain has to offer you and use your new super thoughts to excel you into a life of excitement and greatness.

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