The Power of Conscious Thought

“I’m fat! That means I’m no good at sport, I can’t make friends, I’ll never be loved, and life is going to be really tough for me.”

That’s honestly what I thought about myself in high school. It was a never-ending beat down of myself, in my own head and it made me feel awful. These thoughts would swirl around and around and create the most unresourceful feelings. Self-loathing, depression, sadness, guilt, shame, unfulfillment. When all I thought I wanted in life at that point, was to lose weight, I actually gained weight. I was on a downward spiral to a very dark place.

Today, I’m 30kg lighter, I’m a qualified chef, personal trainer, bench press champion, national cooking competition winner, business owner, business coach, content creator, a friend, a best friend, a father, a lover of life, caring, worthy, trusted, self-respected, loved, passionate, inspired, motivated, thought designer and consciously in control of the thinking that dictates my life.

I look back at how I perceived my life and where I saw it going and compare it to how amazing my life is now, and all it took to alter my trajectory, was consciously changing the way I was thinking.

The thing is, as soon as I changed my thinking, tried on some new thoughts, integrated them, embodied them, believed them, and lived those new thoughts, I felt completely different. I went from feeling totally negative, to confusingly, but enthusiastically, positive and empowered.

It was just like a switch, from off, to on and it was addictive! The more up-lifting thoughts I had, the more courage, fearlessness, and power I felt and from these dominant feelings, came goal aligned action.

I knocked over goal, after goal, after goal. Then it hit me!

The reason people often feel stuck and don’t reach their goals, isn’t due to a lack of motivation, it’s due to the way they think.

I live and breathe mindset now. I work full time with clients, helping them change the way they think, in order to empower how they feel, to then be able create incredible results.

And that’s the power of conscious thought! When you can consciously create new neural pathways and choose thoughts that will lift you, challenge you, stretch you and then truly take them on as your own, everything changes.

It all starts with the thoughts you choose.

What you think, creates your emotions. How you are feeling, dictates the type of action you take. The actions you take, create the results you get in life.

This is the rule of results and it’s the same for everyone. The trouble that most people run into, is that their thoughts are not conscious. So many people go through life, doing what they’ve always done, thinking and believing what they’ve always thought and wonder why they can’t take their results to the next level.

To get better results, your thoughts and beliefs need to be challenged and as a coach, this is exactly what I do best. I challenge! It’s exactly how I transformed my own life. I challenged what I believed and consciously created new thoughts that served my purpose.

You can go in search of inspiration, try and wake up early and try and force new daily habits until it somehow produces motivation, you can work harder, do more, learn more, fight harder, act differently. You can try and DO something different in life to get better results, but nothing will change, without first changing the way you think.

Thoughts are what make you who you are. Thoughts are the catalyst of failure or success. It’s what you think that ultimately creates your world and everything in it.

Become aware of the thoughts that guide you.

Ask yourself if they serve you anymore.

If they don’t, place them to the side for a second.

Try on a new thought or belief that challenges your current way of thinking.

Be aware of the feelings that your new thoughts generate.

Look at them. Nod your head in agreement to how good they feel.

Embrace those new

feelings and enjoy them.

Take action according to your new thoughts and feelings and watch you results increase.

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