Your Relationship With You and How It Changes Everything!

The relationship we have with yourself, your past self and your future self, is the most important relationship we will ever have. Some people have a poor relationship with their future self, meaning they don’t set goals, they don’t ever dream about success, or they just don’t care where life goes. Some people have a great relationship with their future self. They set motivating goals, they envision a prosperous and successful life and they get excited about making that life happen.

Everyone thinks about their future. Some more than others, but everyone does as some point. When we think about our future, we think about how we look in it. We think about what it looks like, how we feel, what environment we’re in and what we’ve created for ourselves, up to that point.

When we think about our future self, we build a relationship with that future image of ourselves. That relationship is built on the thoughts that you choose to create in the now, for the you, in the future.

This means that it is your thoughts that create your future. It’s the thoughts and what you tell yourself that determine how beautiful your future self looks. It’s what you choose to believe right now, that creates the illustration of your opportunity.

Opportunities to build momentum and success in life don’t just happen spontaneously, they are created by what we choose to think, feel and act upon each day. They are created by imagining who we could become and then following through with action to make that desired image come true.

When we realise that the foundation of opportunity for our lives, comes from how we think and the relationship we have with our future self, we come to see how important that relationship truly is.

To have a wonderful and successful future, you must build this relationship with your future self and strengthen it by building rapport, just like any other relationship. To do this you need to imagine your future self as a someone. An extension of you, who has already become everything you always wanted to be.

The best way to build rapport with your future self is to write letters to each other. Now for some, this might seem weird or unusual and for some it will feel particularly challenging. Either way, this is the best step forward to creating a compelling future.

So, play along here and step outside your comfort zone and get familiar with your future self.

First, you’re going to write a letter from you today, to your future self of 10 years from now. Think of your future self as someone that knows more, that has experienced more, that has more wisdom and practice than your current self. Your future self has had more time to build strong habits and implement them into their life. They have learned more and seen more and now knows what it takes to create what they have.

Now is your time to learn about who your future self has become. Ask that future you what it’s like to have a large bank account. Ask them what it feels like to have that success and how exciting life is in 10 years. Where does your future self live? What has changed? You have the opportunity to be curious here. To ask anything you like. Get to know your future self. Explore their mind and their life. Ask them what it took to get there and what advice they would give you for the next 10 years. Get a clear picture of it, because when you do, you will know exactly how to get there.

This exercise will take some deeper thinking. It will also take some time, some creativity, so imagination, so be patient with yourself. Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship in life. How you talk to yourself, what you tell yourself, what thoughts you create for yourself, how you care for yourself. The relationship you have with yourself will inevitably shape the way your future looks.

The next step in this future self exercise is to write a reply letter. You now must get into a new state. Get into the mindset of your future self in 10 years. Reply to all the questions your current self asked in the previous letter. Share your insights of what has been happening over the last 10 years. Maybe you could share what your next goals are. This is a really good time to express your gratitude to your past self to. Be thankful for the work your past self has done for you, to get you to this place in life. Be grateful for all the hard work, for the sacrifice and for the time and effort your past self has dedicated to you.

Now, if you haven’t done this exercise before, stop and think about today. Think about what your 10 years ago self has done for you, to get you to this point. What can you be grateful for today that your past self has create for you? To give you the life you currently have right now. To have helped you learn and develop everything you’ve put together. Your success, your life, your thoughts, your outlook on life, your beliefs, your passions. All of what you have right now was created by your past self. Stop and think about that for a minute and be grateful.

Jumping from different places on your timeline can be a little confusing at times, but it will give you an appreciation of the power that your relationship with yourself generates.

If you don’t have a great relationship with yourself, if you beat yourself up for what you did to your body in the past, or your not happy with what your past self has created for you, now is the perfect time to start repairing that relationship. Start with gratitude. Your past self brought you to this article. Be thankful for that, because now you can build from here. When you have a great relationship with yourself, in all places on your timeline, you can create an amazing life, so start with your self-relationship.

From this point forward, you can now begin to focus on what you can create for your future self. What will your future self be looking back at, in 10 years time and be grateful for? What can you give your future self?

Remember, everything you do today, is a gift for your future self. Maybe the things you do now are hard or boring, like working out, or eating well, or putting money aside to save, but when you have a great relationship with your future you, you’ll want to give them with extraordinary gifts and things that seem boring or slow now, will feel a lot better, because you know that your future self will be grateful. When you love your future self, you’ll be happier to delay instant gratification and learn to sacrifice a little more for them.

When you do this for yourself. When you care and love and respect your future self. When you have a fantastic relationship with yourself, you’ll realise that doing this for you, is the hardest person to do it for. When you genuinely have a great relationship with you, all other relationships will become easy. You will become more giving, more grateful, more generous, because if you can discipline yourself and look out for your future self, you will do the same to everyone else in your life, from a very warm and wonderful place.

The relationship you have with yourself will create who you become. It will make up the quality and characteristics of your nature. The better your relationship with you, the better your relationship with life and everyone in it.

If you want a beautiful life with all the success you have ever dreamed of having, start with building your own relationship with yourself and watch how life blossoms.

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